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Larissa Esvelt,

04/04/1998, Wageningen, NL



Larissa Esvelt is a beginning visual artist based in Arnhem and surrounding area. She graduated from ArtEZ university of the arts in Arnhem in 2020, getting her Bachelor’s degree in fine arts /BEAR.


Larissa’s works are often concerned with our relationship to those things deemed other, crossing into territories of both the real and the imagined. The work aims to lures you in, inviting you to come closer. Creating a sense of comfort within the uncomfortable, the viewer is left vulnerable. presented with a sense of playfulness, Larissa’s works tackles the things that makes us most uncertain, opening them up to be approached in a softer, more empathic way.

Her  Work consists mainly of sculpture and installation.



2016 - 2020 Bachelor Fine Art / BEAR -  Artez university of the arts, Arnhem



2016 - 2020 Bachelor Fine Art / BEAR - Artez university of the arts, Arnhem



2023 9a – studio collective, Arnhem

Group exhibition

2023 small, medium, large - Kunsthal45, Den Helder

group exhibition

2022 Met kat -Kattencafe Balthazar, Nijmegen

pop-up Group exhibition

2022 Nieuwe nijver - Mestlab31, Arnhem

group show

2022 This art fair, Amsterdam fair participation

2022 Hoe = het nu, ACEC en het Kunstgemaal, Apeldoorn

group exhibition

2022 Beneath the undergrowth, Omstand space for contemporary art, Arnhem

duo show and residency

2022 sardinhas perdidas - blauwe veld, Arnhem

solo exhibition

2022 ezel van de straat - ALLARD x Museum de bastei, Nijmegen

group exhibition

2022 beautiful indiscretions - galerie Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam

group exhibition

2021 De berg heeft een muis gebaard - ALLARD, Arnhem

Group exhibition

2021 Recent afgestudeerd, Kunsthal hof88, Almelo

Group exhibition

2021 ALL INN, het HEM, Zaandam group exhibition

2021 My mother’s daughter - Sea foundation, Tilburg

Group exhibition

2020 Something where there should be nothing - Studio Omstand, Arnhem

graduation show

2020 Wouldn't it be a lovely headline - Productiehuis Plaatsmaken , Arnhem

group exhibition in public space

2020 call(s) for graduates – Nest x Melkweg Expo, Den Haag & Amsterdam

Group exhibition in public space




(upcoming ) 2023 Sunday morning @ EKWC – Europees keramisch werkcentrum, Oisterwijk

2020 Accademia Unidee ARC - Citadellarte fondazione Pistoletto, Biella




2020 – present Kunstroute Schuytgraaf, municipality of Arnhem and productiehuis Plaatsmaken, comission of a sculpture in public space



(upcoming) 2023 interview on De lage landen – Maarten Buser

2022 Beneath the undergrowth, exhibition catalogue

2021 my mother’s daughter, exhibition catalogue- Julia Fidder

2021 Claim your space; fuck like a feminist - Melkweg Expo, online event

2021 ALL INN - exhibition catalogue

2020 het feest zonder gasten, mister motley - Esmée Dros

2020 something where there should be nothing, exhibition catalogue - BEAR finals 2020

2020, metropolis m,  graduation special - Loes van Beuningen

2020 call for graduates - Mister Motley

2020 BEAR summershow magazine

2020 BK informatie magazine, graduates special Toekenningen/prijzen/nominaties

2020 nominatie Buning Brongers prijs Collecties Privé collecties


other activities

2021 co-founder of ALLARD artcollective 

2019 internship studio Merijn Bolink

for my full CV, click the download link:

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