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Larissa Esvelt,

1998, Wageningen, NL



Larissa Esvelt is a beginning visual artist based in Arnhem and The Hague. She graduated from ArtEZ university of the arts in Arnhem in 2020, getting her Bachelor’s degree in fine arts /BEAR. She currently does the Masters artistic research at the KABK.


Larissa’s works are often concerned with our relationship to those things deemed other, and in a space of in-betweens, the fantastical, the realistic and perceived join hands in a chaotic union. The work aims to lure you in, inviting you to come closer. Creating a sense of comfort within the uncomfortable, she tries to approach her subject matter in a softer, more empathic way.



2023- current Master Artistic research - KABK, Th Hague

2016 - 2020 Bachelor Fine Art / BEAR -  Artez university of the arts, Arnhem




2023 Test case XXIX, EKWC, Oisterwijk

Open studios

2023 kunstnacht, Ruis x MuZIEum, Nijmegen

Art-event and exhibition

2023 Hoe = het nu, ACEC en het Kunstgemaal, Apeldoorn

group exhibition

2023 Springboard art fair, Utrecht

Fair participation

2023 De absente baron, Kunsttorentje Almelo

Solo exhibition and residency

2023 small, medium, large - Kunsthal45, Den Helder

group exhibition

2022 Nieuwe nijver - Mestlab31, Arnhem

group show

2022 This art fair, Amsterdam

fair participation

2022 Hoe = het nu, ACEC en het Kunstgemaal, Apeldoorn

group exhibition

2022 Beneath the undergrowth, Omstand space for contemporary art, Arnhem

 duo show and residency

2022 sardinhas perdidas - blauwe veld, Arnhem

solo exhibition

2022 ezel van de straat - ALLARD x Museum de bastei, Nijmegen

2022 beautiful indiscretions -  galerie Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam


2023 EKWC – Europees keramisch werkcentrum, Oisterwijk

2023 Kunsttorentje, Almelo

2022 Omstand space for contemporary art, Arnhem

2020 Accademia Unidee ARC - Citadellarte fondazione Pistoletto, Biella



2020 –  present Kunstroute Schuytgraaf, municipality of Arnhem and productiehuis Plaatsmaken,

comission of  a sculpture in public space



2023 Niet iedereen speelt met dezelfde kaarten over succes en falen in het kunstenaarschap , Mister Motley -  Lieneke Hulshof

2023 Je voelt de blik prikken van Larissa Esvelts sculpturen, De lage landen - Maarten Buser


for my full CV, click the download link:

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